Is there anything more beautiful than a Hawaiian sunset?

How about a sunset tucked away in a cove surrounded by masses of lava rock walls where waves roll toward the sharp porous edges in sparkling pink blue ripples?

Hawaii Blog - PHOTO 1

Imagine there’s a small garden around you; tiny evergreen trees with flat tops and a sprinkling of tropical wildflowers right up to edge before the lava rock begins.

Maybe you’re sitting next to a friend enjoying a relaxing evening as the sun fades behinds the clouds toward the horizon.  Maybe you’re cuddled up with a lover, gazing toward the pinkish sky, listening to the crashing of the waves.

Now imagine you’re sharing a delicious boxed pizza.

That wasn’t a typo.  I intentionally wrote pizza.

When I first witnessed this little scene, I was confused.

Here was this charming little cove tucked between a stretch of lava rocks and a grassy trail, frequented by people seeking a nearby beach with access to tide pools.  Pizza, in its white cardboard box littered with grease stains, didn’t quite fit the ambiance.

Hawaii Blog - PHOTO 2

I thought what an odd date.  Honey, let’s go watch the sunset amidst the lava rock ledges, where these beautiful waves painted by an overcast sunset and share this romantic dinner from Dominos.

The place, in my eyes, deserved a fancy picnic and a bottle of wine; not take-out eaten with paper towels and fountain drinks.

Behind these laid-back, pizza-eating, love-birds, we pass by along via the trail.  We spend about an hour better exploring the tide pools by climbing onto smaller but equally sharp lava rocks.

Not something I recommend doing in flip-flops if ever given the chance.  Watching your step becomes quite essential, not just for the jagged edges, but for the many sea urchins that rest in these shallow waters, tucked in the crevices of the rocks in perfect camouflage.

On our way back, we pass the cozy little cove again.  The couple that was sharing the pizza is gone, but in their places are three newcomers, each with their own white carry-out cartons, watching the dusk settle in.

Maybe it’s a coincidence that I saw two separate parties chowing down on take-out in the same beautiful place in the same evening.

But maybe they’re onto something.

If you could order a pizza and eat it in your unexciting home or inside a crowded restaurant or with a breathtaking view of a magnificent Hawaiian sunset, which would you choose?

I’d choose pepperoni with a side of sunset.