March 13, 2015 marks the beginning of the last year in my 20’s.

The big Two-Nine.

My first instinct was to panic. I mean, I’m not married (and am VERY single), I don’t have any kids (unless you count Husker, which sometimes is applicable), and by Victorian standards, I’m pretty much failing at life; I’m an old maid.

Thing is, it’s not the Victorian era anymore. It’s 2015. And though I’m not settled down with a family as of yet, I have done some cool things. Bought a house. Own my car outright. I live in Alaska. ALASKA people.

Life doesn’t suck.

Instead of sulking about the fleeting of my youth, I’ve decide to continue down this path of awesomeness I have already stumbled onto.

And as a result of this revelation, I bring you, “My 29 List.” 29 Things I’m determined to do before I turn 30. There’s a pretty random assortment, but that’s what makes it fun. Some are serious, some are fun, and some are a little crazy.

The perfect recipe for a great year, and ultimately, a life well lived!